2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual meeting this year is online. Please watch the video and read the annual report documents that are in the links below the video. There is also a comments section so that everyone can ask questions and or participate via comments. LESPMHA staff will be monitoring the comments section for the next two weeks. After that the comments section will be closed (this is because the comments section receives a lot of spam messages). We look forward to hearing from you in this virtual space. You can also send an email at anytime to Christine Heredia (christine@lespmha.org)

Links to Annual Report Documents:

  • Financial Report (this is a password protected site; the password was sent to all residents via mail)
  • Bylaws (PDF document; this link is also on the History page)
  • Who We Are (PDF document; this link is also on the History page)

4 thoughts on “2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

  1. Rona, Herman, Kil, LESPMHA staff, field staff and board members,

    Thank you for creating and participating in this report and for what you continue to do for our members especially throughout these challenging times. I appreciate it!

    Congratulations to all of our staff and student honorees.

    To all of you and our resident members,

    I want to wish you all a fulfilling year ahead. Be well, be safe and be happy.


  2. Thank you to all the employees at LESPMHA for working hard through the pandemic and providing housing for people of all kinds. Your work is greatly appreciated by all of the tenants and I am so grateful to know the organization cares for all their employees and tenants 🙂 Hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

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