Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association, Inc.

The Lower East Side Peoples Mutual Housing Association (LESPMHA) is a nonprofit[501(c)(3) membership organization incorporated in 1990. The organization was created in 1987 to rehabilitate vacant multi-family buildings owned by the City of New York, as well as to construct new multi-family buildings in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The sole purpose of this entity is to provide long term affordable housing for the residents of New York City. Since 1990 the Association has fully renovated, owned, and managed twenty four (24) vacant buildings, constructed one new 30 unit building, and provided management and maintenance services to other private for-profit, and not-for profit housing units.

The organization offers a series of in-house services including Housing Developments, Real Estate Management, Organization Member Services, as well as Social Services and Training programs for its resident members.

LESPMHA's membership is made of a large cultural, and ethnically mixed group of people. This diverse resident membership, with the assistance of public members, comprises the administrative board of the Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association.


Mission: 1. To provide long term, affordable housing for low and moderate income New Yorkers, and to preserve the Lower East Side as an economically and ethnically integrated community

2. To support the empowerment of residents through a democratically structured MHA, which maximizes resident involvement in the management and oversight of the organization;

3. To create linkages with other community development issues and projects; to foster resident control of neighborhood resources.

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Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association, Inc.
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